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Ruth’s Story

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I lived a very chaotic lifestyle, I took drugs and committed crime to feed my habit. I felt trapped in a downward spiral with no way out. This ended in me being sent to prison.

Whilst there I met a lady who visited the prison every month to talk to some of the inmates. She worked for a project in Nottingham and as I approached release, she suggested I contact Exaireo to see if they had accommodation available.

I was interviewed and accepted but then had to wait a few weeks for a place to become available. I knew I wanted to break away from my old life and start again, waiting for a place with Exaireo probably saved my life.

Once I moved in I found the staff helpful and caring. I was allocated a key worker and she made sure I filled in forms correctly and reminded me about appointments etc. I soon got used to living in a shared house and became a volunteer with a local church's food project, providing meals and food parcels to those in need.

My key worker helped me to apply for housing locally. I have recently moved into my own flat, it is great and I am very happy. I still keep in touch with everyone at Exaireo – they are friends for life.